TrapBOZZ is a premium cheat provider brought to you by a 10 year veterans in game hacking.

How does TrapBOZZ work?

TrapBOZZ cheat was written from scratch to never be detected and it will always be our main concern. TrapBOZZ accesses the game externally. It uses DirectX to draw the ESP and requires Windows Aero (Win7+) to make the overlay transparent, so it won't work on Windows XP and lower. Current cheat is undetected since 14. August 2015.

Our cheat is absolutely tiny. Over 5,000 times smaller than the average hack and uses only 0.0000001 percent of your RAM.

You can customize the color of our glow hack to the color that suits you best.

Our trigger bot works with all weapons and doesn’t shoot through smoke to avoid overwatch bans.

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What is ESP?

ESP is sort of a wallhack, but instead of injecting .dll into a game process, this ESP will read the game memory externally, and write to it to draw glow over players.

What is TriggerBot?

It automatically shoots whenever you aim at your enemy. TriggerBot is one of the best hacks available, because its usually hard to detect, it just shoots, but with extreme reaction, but noone can say anything about you for example when you are using AWP.

Ready to do something?

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